Companies tend to deal with lawsuits all the time, especially after they release new technology into the marketplace. Seijiro Tomita, 58, presented a prototype of his glasses-free 3D technology to seven Nintendo officials at their headquarters in 2003. Tomita is a former employee of Sony for nearly 30 years, and he left the company in 2002 to pursue his own ideas. The problem here of course is that Nintendo has a solid defense—Tomita was not the only person with which Nintendo held meetings with on 3D technology. After holding, as they claim, hundreds of meetings, they settled on using tech from Sharp Corp.

It's important to note they met with Sharp Corp. a full year prior to Tomita. So, while the technology likely shares similarities, Nintendo is using Sharp Corp.'s stuff, not Tomita's. In all liklihood, Tomita is suing the wrong company as it would be Sharp Corp. who owns the rights to the 3DS' technology. Either way, he is suing both Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Japan, leaving out Europe for unknown reasons.

In the end, this lawsuit is likely not to go anywhere, but people keep insisting to do anything that they feel will get them some compensation. Nothing against Tomita, who I am sure has some great ideas, but Nintendo has a licensing agreement for this tech from a different company. Be sure when you sue, you sue the right people. You can find out all the details about this lawsuit right here.

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