Today's Nintendo Direct brought with it a ton of news on games both new and old, and one set of newly-announced titles really fits into both of those categories! Nintendo is reaching into their vault of games and pulling out a number of titles that debuted not on their home gaming consoles, but rather the arcade systems that Nintendo focused on in the 1980s, before the NES took off. These titles are on now being brought back for the Nintendo Switch under the series name of "Arcade Archives."

The first of these titles will be none other than Mario Bros., which will launch on September 27th. Over time, the Arcade Archives will expand with other titles like Vs. Super Mario Bros., Vs. Ice Climbers, Vs. Balloon Fight, and more. These titles will be contain subtle differences to their NES versions, so this isn't really a Virtual Console experience (unfortunately). Additionally, if the "Vs." in all those upcoming titles didn't tip you off, you'll be able to control these games with a single Joy-Con, allowing you to compete against your friends with ease.

Are you excited to see these classic titles make a return on Switch? Which Arcade Archive would you most want to see and play again? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo Direct