Last September, Nintendo announced the "Arcade Archives" series of titles, which seeks to bring back classic, pre-console Nintendo titles for everyone to play on Nintendo Switch. Another game was revealed today to be joining these Archives, and there's a slight chance that you might've heard of it. Just a tiny one. It's some small arcade title called Donkey Kong, and for Switch owners in North America, it's available today.

This revived version of Donkey Kong contains a number of options for how to play, including several different versions of the game. Many will be most familiar with the "International Version" of the game, but you can also play two Japanese-specific versions: "Early Version" and "Later Version." These have different stage orders and even extra levels that weren't in the International release, and the Early Version even includes bugs that were only available in the very first Japanese editions of the arcade game.

Perhaps most fascinating is "Hi Score Mode" and "Caravan Mode." The former is exactly what it sounds like, a mode that tracks your highest scores, but it features an online leaderboard that will pit your times against the rest of the world's. Donkey Kong has one of the most competitive and oldest speedrunning communities, so they're sure to get a ton of mileage out of this mode. Caravan Mode is like Hi Score Mode, but it has a five minute time limit, which will likely require speedrunners to completely change their approach to the title.

Nintendo Treehouse started off their time this morning by showing off this game and its various modes. Be sure to check it out in the video below!

Arcade Archives: Donkey Kong launches today in North America, while a Nintendo Europe press release indicates that it will come to Europe tomorrow. Will you be delving into the world of Donkey Kong to rescue Pauline once again?