Nintendo's next big presentation for their upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch, takes place tomorrow night, and fans are getting ready for all the big reveals and announcements. For those of us wanting to preorder the system, though, it sounds like there could be a familiar battle getting ready to take place. Nintendo NY has sent out a tweet announcing that preorders will be opening Friday morning, but a key bit of text has caught the attention of many: "a limited quantity."

Obviously, this is giving many people flashbacks to the countless horrors that have come from trying to locate certain Amiibo or the NES Classic Edition. This isn't necessarily a sign of limited quantities everywhere—it very well could just be Nintendo NY that will limit them, while other locations and stores will have quantity in abundance, or they may open more preorders at a constant rate over the next two months. But it's hard to have much faith in those possibilities after Nintendo's actions from the past few years.

Honestly, I was anticipating that Switch would have limited launch quantities even before this tweet, so at this point I'm expecting the worst. As a result, I have no intention of even trying to preorder a Switch, regardless of how much I may want one. But that's me—what do you think of this situation? Let us know in the comments!