Nintendo of America recently wrote to the Assistant US Trade Representative for Intellectual Property and Innovation, Mr. Stanford McCoy, on the issue of game piracy. The report written by Nintendo is part of US copyright holders annual chance to make anti-piracy recommendations for the Special 301 Report.

Political jargon aside, Nintendo’s report pleads with the government to work on better tackling foreign piracy; blocking file-sharing websites; and harsher prosecution of people who pirate games. Nintendo cites “huge losses” as the reason behind their propositions.

In their report Nintendo mentions Mexico, China, Brazil and Spain as the highest offending countries when it comes to piracy of their products, and suggests plans of action to reduce piracy in each region. Read on for some of Nintendo’s general comments and the link to the full, quite lengthy, report.

“Nintendo, along with its publishers and developers, is injured by the prevalence and ease of illegal online distribution.”

“In the past few years, the scope of online piracy for Nintendo has grown dramatically. Every month tens of thousands of illegal Nintendo game files are detected on the Internet. The legal environment to limit the flow of these files remains extremely challenging.”

For the full report check out this link.

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