Nintendo released their quarterly fiscal briefing earlier today, and while the Nintendo 3DS is doing mighty fine, the Wii U is a little less stable. Averaging around 3,000 units sold per week and netting them very little profit per console, Nintendo's not making a whole lot off of the console. In fact, thanks to research and development of Wii U software and "enhancements in advertising activities," the Wii U is actually losing them money—23.2 billion yen, to be exact.

"The “Wii U” hardware still has a negative impact on Nintendo’s profits, owning mainly to its markdown in the United States and Europe, leading to a gross profit of 62.0 billion yen. The operating loss was 23.2 billion yen as total selling, general and administrative expenses exceeded gross profit due to enhancements in advertising activities to increase sales, and research and development for the “Wii U” software among others." — Nintendo

Let's hope Nintendo can bring the Wii U to the top this holiday season.

Source: Nintendo

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