Nintendo Switch has become a hot spot for incredible independently developed games, and the lack of a traditional Virtual Console has been a tremendous boon for sales. New titles, such as Golf Story, have found great success on Switch's eShop, and the console has also proven attractive to indie games of yesteryear, like Super Meat Boy. Switch's lineup of classic indies is about to expand once again, as two more hits are scheduled to arrive later this week.

Limbo made its debut in 2010 as part of the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade, and it quickly gained critical acclaim and a passionate fan base. Six years later, developer Playdead returned with its spiritual successor, Inside, and once again found great success. Nintendo Switch fans can look forward to playing both of these games soon, as they're coming to Switch eShop on Thursday, June 28th.

According to the listings on Nintendo's official website Limbo will cost $9.99 while the newer Inside is a bit pricier at $19.99.

Source: Playdead

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