Nintendo Switch had a record-breaking first year, but those incredible sales numbers began to decline throughout 2018. This is largely because Nintendo failed to release a steady stream of compelling games throughout the year, choosing instead to bank it all on a star-studded holiday lineup that included Smash and Pokémon. Now that Nintendo's enjoying strong end-of-year sales, Switch has rebounded in a major way.

Nintendo's latest press release highlights numerous impressive stats for Switch, including boosted sales for their most popular AAA titles as well as a 105% increase in eShop revenue. The biggest news from the press release is that Switch is now the fastest-selling console of the generation through 21 months. In other words, Switch has sold more units in its first 21 months than either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One did.

This report is specifically for the United States, where Switch has sold 8.7 million units. It's unclear if Switch is outpacing the competition globally, but it certainly is in Japan in addition to the United States. Nintendo is also the leader in software sales during this period as well, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has kept that lead strong, with over 3 million copies sold in the US in just 11 days.

Source: Nintendo Press Release (via Business Wire)

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