Splatoon 2 is already less than two weeks away, so soon squid kids the world over will be able to get their suction cups on Nintendo's highly anticipated sequel. The recent Nintendo Direct revealed that players should be able to expect a lot of what made the original Splatoon successful to remain, which will include Miiverse-like post sharing and a year's worth of free DLC updates.

A huge plus of these games is that the DLC is all free and supported with new content for about a year after release. Weapons such as the Splat Brella (an ink-fueled part shotgun, part shield) and Specials such as the Bubble Blower (a bubble wand that can leave explosive bubbles of ink all over the field) will be added during the year after Splatoon 2's release. New gear and maps—some of which can be seen for the first time in the Direct—are also on the way.

DLC updates are not the only newly announced aspect returning to the franchise. Even though Miiverse is not supported on the Nintendo Switch, Inklings will still be able to write and draw in posts that can be shared in Inkopolis Square and on the walls of maps in online matches. This time, a booth in the square replaces Miiverse, and after submitting a post here, art and messages can be shared via social media sites and within the game.

It also seems like things people groaned over in the first game will be receiving an upgrade as well. Sheldon's long-winded weapon descriptions can be skipped entirely when the player visits his shop, and the news updates (this time from Pearl and Marina of the band Off the Hook) stand a possible chance of being skippable too. At the least, their news programming seems a little more dynamic than Callie and Marie's; the camera closes in on the new music sensations when they banter, for example.

The Splatoon 2 Direct covered lots of other details, including the game's specials, such as the Sting Ray (a charger-like weapon that can shoot through walls), Ink Storm (a move that makes it rain down ink on opponents), and the newly-unveiled Baller (a giant hamster ball that deals damage when rolling over Inklings and exploding at the end of its roll).

A lot of new content is coming to Nintendo's newest colorful, online shooter, so we would like to know: what aspect of Splatoon 2 are you most excited for? The game launches soon, so be sure to check back here at Gamnesia for our review and more Splatoon 2 coverage!

Source: Nintendo Direct