A quirky blob of green stuff named Helix is the newest approaching challenger for Arms, Nintendo's new IP and fighting game set to release Friday, June 16th, for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo UK first showed off the new fighter in a reveal trailer on YouTube, and it looks like the ARMS Laboratories, Inc. experiment has a lot to offer in the ring. Helix can shrink and stretch his body at will, allowing for what looks like a very technical fighting style, as the creature is able to change his vantage point at will while throwing punches at his opponents.

The trailer also reveals the supposed stage for the character, in which what looks like copies of Helix can be seen floating in test tubes. You can check it all out above!

If this trailer is any indication, we can probably expect other new fighters to be revealed in the upcoming weeks. And if more of them are as weird as Helix, many fans are sure to be happy.

What do you think about all things Helix for ARMS? Are you a fan of his unique design, or are you worried he might dominate you in the ring? Let us know in the comments!

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