On Friday we learned that Pokémon GO was sending Nintendo's stock soaring upwards, but it turns out we hadn't seen the half of it just yet! Thanks to the time difference, it's Monday in Japan right now, and Nintendo is reportedly seeing even bigger gains today than it did last week. According to Business Insider, Nintendo's stock has already shot up an additional 23% today—a mindblowing amount to be sure. In fact, Bloomberg analyst David Ingles says that this is Nintendo's best single day in the stock market since 1983!

It's only about 1:00 PM in Japan at the time of writing, so we could see the stocks climb even higher in the next few hours. Of course, we could also seem them drop off and fall again, but I doubt it'll have too much of an impact on the day's new record.

Pokémon has always been a big deal and Pokémon GO captivated the world when it was first announced, but even so, I doubt anyone foresaw such a monumental level of success coming from it so swiftly. Whether or not it can maintain this interest level remains to be seen, but I imagine it will at least last until the worldwide rollout is completed (whenever that ends up being). Are you enjoying the game so far?

Source: Business Insider