Nintendo decided to rethink many of the conventions of the Zelda franchise recently, and the result was Breath of the Wild, one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2017 and the highest-selling Zelda title of all time. If you're Nintendo, how do you even attempt to follow up something like that? We're not sure, but it looks like the company is figuring that out right now.

This news comes via a pair of hiring posts in Japan, spotted on Resetera. Nintendo is looking to recruit a new 3DCG designer who will work on terrain and topography for fields and dungeons. The second posting is in a similar vein, as it seeks a level designer to work on fields, dungeons, and game events. Both positions specify that the project is a Zelda game.

It's not terribly surprising to see these listings pop up, as Nintendo typically starts brainstorming the next Zelda game as soon as the one they're currently working on releases, if not sooner. This time around they also had to take some time to work on DLC for Breath of the Wild, so that may have extended the development timeline.

However, they're now at a place where it's time to start bringing in people to work on the world and its dungeons, so hopefully, that means significant progress has been made. Breath of the Wild's overworld was almost universally praised, but its dungeons varied in appreciation from player to player. Hopefully, whoever Nintendo recruits is able to take the dungeon design to the next level.

Source: Nintendo (via Resetera)