Off of the Nintendo Switch high, the Nintendo success story continues with news that the company's stock is higher than usual, even higher than it was at the height of mobile game Pokémon GO's popularity. With its stock at its highest point in five years, Nintendo is basking in commercial success after the Wii U drought.

Nintendo's share price recently rose to ¥31,880 (about $286.30) after the launch of the Nintendo Switch and key titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, topping the ¥31,770 share price reached on July 20th at the height of Pokémon GO's domination of the mobile game market.

The company's stock saw yet another rise though! The announcement of Monster Hunter XX in Japan brought the company's share price from its five-year high to an eight-year high, with the number hitting ¥33,510 (just over $301). This gave Nintendo its highest market value since October, 2008.

This rise in stock is still a far cry from how much success Nintendo saw in the early Wii days, but their current market performance is impressive nonetheless, especially when compared to the lows Nintendo had been seeing during the days of the Wii U.

Are you excited for Nintendo's stock to be on the rise? Can this only mean good things to come for the company and fans? Or do you expect it to start crashing back down again soon? Speculate down below!

Source: DualShockers, GameSpot