Hideki Kamiya's responsible for a lot of beloved franchises that walk the line between cult-classic and just outright famous, but one man can only make so many games at one time. Thankfully, he knows just how much his series mean to the people who play them, so he's taken to Twitter to gauge fan opinion on which of three of his franchises ought to get a sequel next.

He's got two polls set up on Twitter right now — Okami vs. Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe vs. Okami — for the next nine and thirteen hours respectively, and though it's unlikely Platinum Games will literally be choosing which game to develop based on the outcome of either poll, this is a great opportunity to get your voice heard by Kamiya himself.

All that in mind, look above to see the tweets and cast your vote!

I'm personally pulling for Okami if Kamiya actually ends up making one of these sequels. I think there are a lot of fantastic things that could be realized in that game style both through the enhanced technology of modern consoles and the experience the team gained from making the first game. Which franchise would you most like to see continued?

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