The Android-based microconsole Ouya has recently been upon some hard times. Its controversial "Free the Games Fund" for Kickstarter led to a lot of press, much of it negative due to some shady practices. Regardless, reviews of the console itself have been vaguely positive.

After a successful launch through GameStop and Kickstarter, Ouya is now making a push to have a greater retail presence. The first step in this plan involves setting up kiosks in Target locations across the USA. There will be multiple games to try out and special edition wired controllers. When Polygon inquired about the subject, CEO Julie Uhrman had this to say:

"What is the most exciting is how we've been embraced by retail. When we launched in June we were live in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. We launched with GameStop, Target, Best Buy and GAME. This month we are going full chain with Target." — Julie Uhrman

Some more of their future plans include marketing on the international scale and creating higher-spec models.

Source: Polygon

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