UPDATE: Pikmin 3 has sold nearly one-hundred-thousand copies in its first few days available in Japan, claiming the number one spot on the Japanese sales charts with 92,720 copies sold. Number 2 is the 3DS' Yokai Watch with 53,654 units sold. Nearly doubling the next highest competition is no easy feat, but can Pikmin 3 keep up these sales in the long term? I suppose we'll find out soon.

Pikmin 3 is a game Nintendo fans have been anticipating for a decade. Although the franchise has a very loyal audience, sales of the first two Pikmin titles show it is a niche demographic. However, Pikmin 3 is Nintendo's first part of a strong 2013 line-up. The company is banking on consumers taking to the game, as are many Nintendo fans.

Good news for everyone then! Pikmin 3 is selling extremely well in Japan. It has reached the number one spot on Tsutaya's (a Japanese retailer) sales charts, and the title is boosting Wii U sales.

"Pikmin 3, that came out nine years after Pikmin 2, is having a really good start. Sales at Tsutaya are comparable to the release of Super Mario Bros U and have driven greater sales of Wii U units."

We don't have a specific number yet, but those statistics aren't far off. They are being released tomorrow! Stay tuned to Gamnesia, and let's all buy Pikmin 3 in the coming weeks.

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