Pokémon Sun and Moon's website recently updated, and with it came a few interesting comments from the games' director, Shigeru Ohmori. Among those, he talked about how our sun and moon inspired the naming of the games, and how he thinks about life on earth.

"We live on a planet overflowing with life. This earth of ours revolves around the sun, and in turn, the moon revolves around the earth. When you look at the sun and the moon from Earth, they appear to be traveling through the sky in similar orbits, but when you change your perspective, you come to realize that their orbits are completely different. Yet the Earth and the sun and moon are all tied to one another, and life grows and flourishes as they work their influence upon one another.

"Humans also interact with people of all different kinds. They influence one another, and in turn, are influenced by others. It is only through this miraculous balance that we can live here as we do.

"In these titles, what I wanted to express is the brilliance of life and of the relationships between humans and Pokémon as they influence one another. That is why I chose to name them after the sun and moon, which have so much influence over our own Earth." — Shigeru Ohmori

It's an interesting way to name the games, that's for sure, and it might hint at one of the themes of the games, seeing as Zygarde makes a return in Alola. Zygarde embodies balance, especially between life and death, which might be embodied by the Aether Foundation and Team Skull respectively.

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Source: Official Pokémon Sun & Moon Website