Recently-released 3DS titles Pokémon Sun and Moon feature "Global Missions" where players from all around the world can work together to achieve a goal. The games' first Global Mission ended in failure, but players have a chance to redeem themselves soon. Details for the next Pokémon Sun and Moon Global Mission have just been revealed, and the event kicks off tomorrow.

This time around, players will have to make use of Island Scan. If the collective Pokémon fan base can defeat or capture 1,000,000 Island Scan Pokémon, they'll be rewarded with 4,034 Festival Coins. Failure will result in players still receiving 434 Festival Coins. This event begins tomorrow, December 27th, and it lasts through January 9th, 2017. Like the previous mission, your game needs to be tied to a Global Link account to participate, and you can enter the event by registering in the Festival Plaza castle.

Source: Serebii

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