Over five years after it made its debut, PlayStation 4 is still selling strong. Sony's flagship console was revitalized by the launch of the more powerful Pro model, and top-rated exclusives like God of War and Spider-Man made it a must-have item for millions this year. After another strong holiday season, Sony now finds itself within a stone's throw of 100 million PlayStation 4 consoles sold.

Back in November, we reported that PlayStation 4 sales had passed PlayStation 3 sales, and those numbers continued to climb through the remainder of the year. Sony is reporting another 5.6 million units sold during the holiday season (November 19th through the end of the year), bringing total worldwide PlayStation 4 sales up to 91.6 million.

Although it now has a commanding lead over PlayStation 3, it still trails the original PlayStation and the record-setting PlayStation 2. The latter still has a massive lead, but PlayStation 4 is just 11 million units behind the original PlayStation, which is a very attainable goal in 2019 and beyond.

Source: Venture Beat

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