Aliens: Colonial Marines is one of the worst reviewed games of the entire year. After time spent in development hell, the title finally reached a retail release in February. The critical response was universally negative. After a fantastic demo and many "in-game" trailers, fans had a lot to look forward to; however, the product was a far cry from anything that was advertised.

Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox, helped create the title. He is... less than ashamed about the PR tactics of Colonial Marines -- in fact, he encourages it. Mr. Pitchford has recently gone to Twitter, stating that a demo created while a work in progress is honest. A demo created after the work is done is dishonest. There's a little more to it, but that's basically the statement in a nutshell. Check out the tweet after the jump.

What Pitchford fails to realize is that the demo for Colonial Marines was completely different from the actual game. He has no respect for developers that had the project shoved upon them, and he has no mental regrets when he takes the credit. The screenshots and trailers of Colonial Marines were inaccurate, and the fact Randy is still denying that five months later is ridiculous.

Don't buy Aliens: Colonial Marines.