I'm sure we all remember when Reggie famously went on GT.TV several years ago and boldly predicted that New Super Mario Bros. Wii would outsell Call of Duty. Activision pretty much laughed it off as an utter impossibility. As we all know, Reggie was spot on. The game went on to move 26.87 million copies on the Wii. In fact, not only was he correct but the game has actually outsold every single Call of Duty ever released, even if you combine cross console sales. That's pretty astounding, considering Mario was on merely one platform compared to the four platforms many Call of Duty games appeared on.

Reggie is at again with arguably an even bolder prediction. Despite the Wii U not hitting it off yet, he feels that Super Mario 3D World, Smash Bros., and Mario Kart U are going to be top 10 selling games for the entire generation across all platforms. That's right — three core Wii U titles locked into the top 10 across everything that exists in Generation 8. Talk about bold predictions, Reggie. Better yet, he made this prediction on another episode of GT.TV. The times and the situation have changed (Nintendo's Wii was selling like hotcakes back during his first prediction), but could Reggie's bold prediction prove correct yet again? Will the software really push the hardware as much as Reggie claims it will?

I think Smash Bros. has a chance if you count 3DS sales, but until the Wii U sells... Oh, and if you watch the above episode all the way through, Reggie does tease a potential showing during December's VGX event. Could they be unveiling Zelda U?

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