Mega Man's 30th anniversary is almost upon us, and it seems Capcom is starting to revisit the Blue Bomber after a few years of relatively few high-profile games. They've named a new producer for the game series and handed the franchise to Ben 10 creator Man of Action for an animated TV series launching in 2017. We now have word that a live-action movie is on its way as well.

According to The Tracking Board, a small website with inside Hollywood information, 20th Century Fox and Chernin Entertainment are working together on a live-action Mega Man film for the silver screen. While they haven't yet landed either a director for the project nor anyone to pen the script, David Ready and Michael Finfer, two small-name producers from Chernin, are on board as the film's producers.

Take this report with a grain of salt, seeing as it's only been confirmed by a single source, and neither Ready, Finfer, nor Chernin Entertainment have the extensive Hollywood portfolios one might expect to see helming a franchise as iconic as Mega Man. But we at Gamnesia will keep you updated if this story develops any further.

Source: The Tracking Board

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