During the Nintendo Switch reveal we saw what appeared to be a new version of Wii U hit Splatoon running on the upcoming console. Nintendo hasn't commented on what exactly this game is (or even if it's really in development), but we may have a pretty good idea of what to expect now thanks to the latest report from Laura Dale of Let's Play Video Games.

According to two sources, we can expect this new Splatoon at launch. In fact, it could end up being a selling point for the console. Dale previously reported that Nintendo Switch will be available in two SKUs: a cheaper, base package, and a more expensive package with additional storage and a bundled game. According to her sources, Nintendo is currently planning to make Splatoon that bundled title.

Dale goes on to report that the new version of Splatoon includes a 1 vs. 1 battle mode where two players on separate Switches can fight over a map, switching their weapon of choice at will mid-game. Additionally, Nintendo plans to add more single-player content to the game, and it's expected to receive regular free content, much like the Wii U version.

This information is not officially confirmed by Nintendo at this time, but one of Dale's sources is a Nintendo employee who has previously proven accurate by leaking when the Switch reveal would take place, the content of the reveal, Switch's use of cartridges, and more.

Source: Let's Play Video Games

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