We've been covering the Nintendo Switch a lot lately, but there's still more news coming in. According to both a brief shot in the reveal trailer and reports from other news outlets, the Switch will be using USB-C for charging and possibly mass data transfer. This would fit well with the Switch, as USB-C is a relatively new standard that supports incredible charging and data transfer speeds and would enable the easy docking and un-docking we see in the trailer. Fast charging would be an absolute necessity, as the Switch is reported to have only three hours of battery life.

Unfortunately, the location of the port appears to be on the bottom, which would make docking easier but prevent a regular cord from being used to charge while the device is in Kickstand mode. Considering that right-angle cords and special docks will undoubtedly be developed, is the trade off for a standard port and easy docking worth it?

What do you think about the possibility of the Switch using USB-C? Let us know in the comments?

Source: Let's Play Video Games

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