Capcom announced they were porting the hit Resident Evil Revelations to home consoles, including Wii U, Xbox 360, and PS3, along with a PC port. The game originally launched on the Nintendo 3DS a little over a year ago to critical fanfare. The game was seen as a back-to-basics entry in the Resident Evil franchise, with an emphasis on survival horror.

The game is fantastic, but many agree the title wasn't quite at home on a portable system (myself being one of that group). The Unveiled Edition is going to look fantastic on a bit screen, and I cannot wait to play this game again on my Wii U.

Naturally, Capcom wants to take full advantage of the GamePad, as well as Miiverse and other system capabilities. A brand new trailer showcases all of the game's big advantages!

A map will be featured on the touch screen throughout the game, making navigation a breeze. Off-TV Play is also featured, allowing you to live the nightmare even when somebody wants to watch a game of sportsball. The second screen is also used to solve puzzles when necessary. You can even write speech bubbles for enemies and allow those messages to appear in the games of your friends! Upon dying in-game, Miiverse posts pop up relating to the same death. This'll be a fun inclusion! 

Oh you want to see the trailer? Here it is!

A new game on Wii U is always welcome to me!