Attention PlayStation Plus subscribers! Your new free games for February are here, and featured among this month's lineup is Tequila Works' RiME, an adventurous indie puzzle game with gorgeous visuals released just last summer on the PlayStation 4. In it you play the role of a young boy, washed ashore on a mysterious uninhabited island with environmental puzzles to solve across five wide-spanning areas, themed after the five stages of grief.

One of Sony Interactive Entertainment's own offerings is also free this month, being none other than SIE Japan Studio's Knack. The 2013 beat-em-up for the PS4 pits the titular Knack and his unique size-shifting abilities against the resurgent Goblin Army, who threaten to overthrow mankind. A sequel was released in September of last year.

In addition, PlayStation 3 owners can pick up Spelunky HD and Mugen Souls Z for their systems, and PlayStation Vita players now have access to Exiles End and Grand Kingdom, the latter of which is also available for PS4. All PlayStation Plus members with PS VR headsets can also download Starbound Arena for free until March 6th.

Source: PlayStation.Blog