Rooster Teeth is best known as the home of Red vs. Blue, RWBY, Achievement Hunter, and other assorted video content, but they also have a video game department. Until now Rooster Teeth Games has largely served as a publisher for indie titles. They also released RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, which began as a fan-made project before Rooster Teeth stepped in to help make it an official product. Soon, however, they'll be releasing their first original IP.

Over the past two years, Rooster Teeth Games has been working on a completely new game in secret, and the first details were revealed on the most recent RT Podcast. The upcoming game is titled "Vicious Circle," and it's a multiplayer FPS designed for people to "play and enjoy together."

Vicious Circle is set to launch sometime later in 2019, but platforms were not specified. CCO Burnie Burns and Achievement Hunter's Gavin Free also indicated that Achievement Hunter will feature the game on their channel at some point in the future. You can check out the full artwork below and the announcement video above!

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