February 20th brought Sony fans one of the most significant days in years, and it brought us over five pages of new content. In the stream of news, some of you readers have surely missed a few stories, so we've decided to compile every piece of PlayStation 4 news from the last two days into one convenient list. Check out the video above to see Sony's great summary of the announced software, and head past the jump to catch up on all your PlayStation 4 news! (Or check out a three-minute summary satire for a good laugh)

PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

Controlling the PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 Software
PlayStation 4 Tech Demos

PlayStation 4 Services
Of course, there's still some information we missed, such as that the PlayStation 4 features 8GB of RAM and that you can begin playing games purchased online as soon as they begin downloading. Be sure to stay tuned at Gamnesia for more PlayStation 4 news as it comes in.