Metroid fans have been left wanting over the past few years, with Metroid Prime 3 coming out nearly ten years ago and more recent entries in the series proving divisive and unsatisfying to those who want a true Metroid experience. Nintendo has said little on the franchise as of late—except of course to shut down a well-received fan game—in spite of 2016 being the series' 30th anniversary, but fear not, Metroid faithful. If a new rumor from three separate leakers is to be believed, your patience may well be rewarded soon, as an all new entry in the sci-fi franchise is on its way to Switch.

OBE1Plays, a YouTuber who has been coming forward with several Switch leaks, recently posted a new video stating that a brand new Metroid game is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch. It is also said to be developed by a studio that he "was not expecting," which implies that it won't be created by Retro Studios. That might worry people who adored the Metroid Prime games (like myself) and excite those who can see it as confirmation that Retro is working on a different and new project (also myself), but either way it will be interesting to see how this new title shapes up. Will it be a 2D title, a new Prime-style 3D game, or a third-person adventure like Other M? OBE1 claims to know, but he refuses to say in the video.

Now, we haven't reported on most of OBE1's leaks thus far because his sources are completely unknown and none of his Switch statements have been proven yet; we should get confirmations or denials on at least some of them in tonight's presentation, but until then, we aren't putting much stock in his reports. However, Liam Robertson and Laura Kate Dale are a whole different story, and as you can see in the tweets embedded below, they have both come forward to back up OBE1's claims. This isn't the first time this has happened, either, as Dale as previously backed a report from OBE1 about a new Nintendo Warriors-style game being developed by Koei Tecmo, so it seems he has some good sources at his disposal.

OBE1 isn't sure whether or not this new Metroid game will appear at tonight's presentation; he expects it to focus more on Mario and Zelda, but he doesn't rule out an appearance either. I'd sure love to see it show up, and I'm sure many Metroid fans would agree. But what do you think of all this? Will Nintendo reveal a brand new Metroid Switch game tonight? Is it even in development, and which studio do you think might be creating it? You can check out the video and tweets below, and let us know your thoughts on all this in the comments!