No need to blink twice. There is a prevailing rumor out there from a generally reliable website that Nintendo is currently planning to release a ReUmagined line of games featuring seven all time classic titles that are going to get The Wind Waker HD treatment for Wii U. The entire premise behind it is to create tide-me-over content that will fill the gaps between major game releases out of Nintendo. AKA, it's their way of providing filler content since third parties can't be relied upon at this point. Among those games is Super Mario 64, which will feature a full graphical update along with several new features.

  • The short development time allows these "big classic" titles to fill the gap in between Nintendo’s original Wii U software.
  • Less to fund and fewer people involved means more resources to original titles in development.
  • eShop only for $30 per title reduces risk at retail.
  • Wind Waker approach taken in terms of visual upgrades, but "reUmagined" titles will benefit from added content.
  • The classic Super Mario 64 in its entirety is being repainted and brought into HD.
  • Two players can control Mario and Luigi, simultaneously.
  • Option A gives player one GamePad control, and player two any other controller option. The camera will follow the brothers as they move throughout the stage, but should they split apart too far, the GamePad user's Lakitu (camera operator) will only follow that user on the controller's screen, while the second player's Lakitu will follow that character on the TV.
  • Option B allows two GamePads to be used at once. If the brothers are nearby, the camera will remain the same on both GamePads and TV. If the brothers separate, each player will have his or her own unique camera view on their GamePad, until coming back together. While apart, however, the TV screen can be switched to be mimicking either player one or player two or be a top down perspective map.
  • Online cooperative/counter-cooperative gameplay is present.
  • Race to Star, Coin Collector, and other similar modes have been added in to enhance re-playability.

The only thing that makes me question it is the online co-op since Nintendo has yet to do it, but it all starts somewhere right? The rumors come from a source at the Paul Gale Network who nailed information about a new 3D Mario game arriving in 2013 five months before Nintendo announced it. We'll be keeping an eye out on this one. PGN has information on the 6 other titles, but they are withholding until they can get some validity asserted to the claims. If you want to take a stab at what the other 6 games could be, here is the starred out list:

  • Super Mario 64
  • ***** ***** **
  • **** **** **
  • **** *** **
  • ********** **
  • ******* ****
  • **** ************

Source: Paul Gale Network

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