The confusing saga of Breath of the Wild's release date continues. Following multiple delays, Nintendo is currently listing the release date for their next big Zelda adventure as "2017" with no further clarification. In the absence of official data, we've heard numerous conflicting rumors and reports. Retailers and leakers alike have suggested it could launch in June, but more recently all of the rumblings seem to point to a March release.

According to the latest rumor, this confusion is due to the fact that the game's global release date is still in flux. Liam Robertson (best known for digging up the truth behind cancelled gaming projects for Unseen64) recently stated via Twitter that Breath of the Wild is "almost certainly" a day one Nintendo Switch title in North America, but that Nintendo "hasn't made the call yet" when it comes to PAL regions.

The reason Breath of the Wild was allegedly going to miss the Switch launch in the first place is that the localization and bug fixing process was taking longer than expected. It's possible that Nintendo is prioritizing specific regions in order to speed up that process, but this seems like way too big of a game for it to be delayed in Europe. There's also the fact that UK retailer GAME claims it will launch in March. Nintendo will be holding a Nintendo Switch presentation on January 12th, so hopefully all of the confusion will be cleared up then. As usual, we advise you to take all rumors with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Source: Liam Robertson