We're less than two weeks away now from the next Nintendo Switch presentation, and the rumor mill is still churning out unofficial details on a daily basis. Journalist Laura Kate Dale of Let's Play Video Games has been especially active (and accurate) in leaking Switch news over the past few months, and she recently joined a livestream with YouTuber OBE1plays to talk about the upcoming console and to field questions from fans.

A handful of interesting tidbits were revealed during the chat, including information about Nintendo Switch's internal storage. Dale herself previously reported that Nintendo Switch won't support external hard drives, but instead will make use of Micro SD cards up to 128GB. Dale doubled down on this claim during the livestream, and she also stated that (at least at launch) Nintendo Switch will have 32GB of internal storage right out of the box.

If that number sounds familiar to you, it's because that's exactly what Wii U had at launch. Nintendo's current home console debuted with two models: an 8GB "Basic" model and a 32GB "Deluxe" bundle with Nintendo Land. That 32GB fills up pretty fast even with just Nintendo games (which are usually much smaller in terms of required space than the games of many other AAA developers), and Nintendo is hoping to attract more third-party support to Switch than what Wii U saw.

Switch owners will most likely want to invest in a micro SD card at launch or shortly after, or they'll quickly find themselves out of room. For example, just Skyrim Special Edition alone (which is expected to be an early life title for Switch) takes up between 17GB and 33GB of space depending on which console you buy it for and which region you live in. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One both launched with 500GB models, and some newer models offer double that.

You can listen to the full Nintendo Switch discussion by clicking here. The discussion about internal storage takes place around the 26-minute mark.