A veteran tech blogger Paul Thurrott spilled a rather large pot of beans in regards to the Xbox 720 announcement, release date, pricing model, and other features in a recent podcast. The general gist of what he revealed is as follows:

  • Xbox 720 to be revealed on May 21st
  • Main Console to cost $500
  • A $300 Model will exist, but require a subscription
  • Official notes on the console state ‘must be internet-connected to use’
  • Will be a gaming console first, multimedia second
  • Talked about potentially a 3rd device, code named "Yumo", for $99 but only serves as multimedia hub
  • Yumo, however, isn't happening this year and may not see the light of day
  • Will release an even cheaper 360 model alongside the 720, suggestion no backwards compatibility

It's notable he doesn't cite a source in the podcast, so we're not aware of who fed him the documents or where his information came from. However, it is notable he is a tech industry veteran and generally, hasn't spilled beans like this in the past unless he already knew. While all information like this, unless Microsoft confirms it, should be taken with a grain of salt - none of it seems to be too out of the box compared to rumors we have seen originate from game developers.

It will be interesting to see what sort of subscription is required for the $300 model, as I am sure that will create the most consumer interest.

(note, the image is just a fan mock up. There is no suggestion there will be a screen on the controller in any capacity)

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