You won't find this deal online, but some Sams Club stores have severely cut the price of their Wii U stock and are selling them for under $150. In fact, the lowest completed sale I have seen was around $60. Sounds crazy, right? Too good to be true? I assure you it is, and it is happening all over the Untied States, with the price varying store to store. There is no official explanation for this - some of the consoles were ones that were returned, while others are brand spanking new. The general assumption currently is that Sams Club is trying to liquidate their in-store Wii U stock, likely because it isn't selling well.

We have reports and receipts popping up from Austin, Texas all the way to Madison, Wisconsin, so this isn't isolated to any one particular area. Sams Club does not price match with other Sams Clubs, so whatever price your local Sams Club has is what it is, and they won't match it with any other store. Given the low demand for the console, there is a high chance your local Sams Club still has them in stock. That, and this price drop hasn't been widely publicized. It seems to have just happened out of nowhere.

While I would love to know the reason for it (I really hope it isn't because they are trying to dump them and not carry the system anymore), this is still an excellent deal for anyone out there who has been on the fence. This is not a Nintendo price drop, so... yeah, this may be the cheapest you can find the console for 5 or 6 years... or really ever in the case of the lucky $60 buy. Here is all the evidence you need:

Update: Be sure to call your local Sams Club. After conferring with my store (who does have the sale) and consulting with them about my membership (I've been a member for awhile, but don't use it often), these fire sales are common and do not mean they are no longer going to carry the product. Sams Club functions with varying price scales depend on area and every store runs different sales. These sort of fire sales are common place and they are done to clear out stock. They do not advertise them and you have to regularly go to their store. Not every Sams Club are fire sailing the Wii U, but many of them are. They are still going to carry the Wii U in store when the fire sale ends. That means that yes, like all their all Fire Sales, this is temporary. So, get it while it lasts.

If you are not a member, you can get a free single day pass and pay a 10% upcharge for it. Oh, and Sams Club eats the losses on every console they sell, so none of this has any impact on Nintendo, outside of giving them more consumers who can buy games.

Source: NeoGAF, CheapAssGamer

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