Those who grew up playing Sonic the Hedgehog titles over the course of the Dreamcast era likely have fond memories of raising adorable little creatures called Chao. In Sonic Adventure, its sequel, and their respective ports over the years, players could raise these cute, customizable AI babies in the Chao Gardens and pit them in races and karate fights outside of the main campaign.

Sadly, it has been well over a decade since fans could raise their own Chao in recent Sonic games, but hope yet remains. At the series' 25th Anniversary panel at SXSW, Sonic social media manager Aaron Webber asked the audience whether SEGA should bring them back, with series director Takashi Iizuka in attendance among the panelists on-stage. Needless to say, fans cheered when presented with the possibility of their return.

Check out the clip from the panel above!

Webber did specify that "there are not currently any plans to bring [Chao] back," though if the fans' response to the idea is of any indication, here's hoping their enthusiasm for bringing Chao back to Sonic games was loud and clear enough. Make it happen, Iizuka!

Would you like to see Chao brought back in upcoming Sonic titles? What memories do you have about raising your own? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: TSSZ News

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