The Archie Sonic comics may be over after 24 years of serials, but the regrettable fallout between SEGA of America and Archie Comics did not spell the end of Sonic the Hedgehog in comics.

IDW Publishing, renowned for their licensed comic book adaptations, is confirmed to be working on a new line of Sonic comics as part of a budding new partnership with SEGA. The news broke from the Sonic social channels over the course of San Diego Comic-Con 2017, and IDW staffer Joe Hughes was later revealed via the comic publisher as the new series' editor.

For the moment, IDW is currently recruiting artists and writers for the new Sonic comic series, and it is reportedly in contact with fan-favorites to bring them on board. Along with new faces and fresh talent, this could possibly mark the return of Ian Flynn, Tracey Yardley, Evan Stanley, Tyson Hesse, and other notable contributors to the Archie Comics' Blue Blur.

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