It's been well over a year now since former Nintendo President Satoru Iwata tragically passed away, and those who knew him continue to share fond memories and warm sentiments even to this day. Longtime Nintendo developer and executive Shigeru Miyamoto recently sat down for a Super Mario Run interview with The New Yorker, and Miyamoto was asked what piece of advice from Iwata he cherishes the most.

As Miyamoto explains, Iwata's ability to see a vision through to the end, his motivational skills, and his constant optimism have all left an impact. Here's his full answer:

"He had this unique ability to rally people around a vision. Similarly, to then put them into a structure that could make that vision a reality. I always remember his ability to take something, give it shape, and then to motivate people. That always impressed me about him.

"He was a technologist - a programmer originally. And typically, you go to a programmer and tell them what you, as a designer, want to do. They then tell you all the reasons why they can't do what you want. Mr. Iwata was different. Instead, he would say he was going to figure out how to make it work. He'd always be positive, always try to make the impossible happen. I still remember that to this day." — Shigeru Miyamoto

Iwata was known for achieving the impossible, often saving games from cancellation with his programming prowess. He was no ordinary programmer, and he was certainly no ordinary corporate President.

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