Today's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct was jam-packed with exciting character announcements like Simon Belmont and King K. Rool joining the fight, but that's not all that was revealed! Smash creator Masahiro Sakurai also took the time to go over some returning game modes and introduce some new ones. Some modes are being kept secret, but Sakurai spilled the beans on Squad Strike and Smashdown today.

Squad Strike is an elimination style battle with two options: 3v3 or 5v5. Players will then battle with one character at a time, switching between fighters whenever one is defeated. This can be played with just two people cycling through their lineup of characters, but Sakurai also says it's fun to try it with multiple players switching off between characters.

Smashdown is also an elimination mode of sorts, but with a bit of a twist. Players will battle against each other in a series of matches, but the roster gets smaller with each bout. You'll initially be able to choose any character you want, but once a character has been used just one time, they become inactive for the rest of Smashdown. You'll need to become competitive with multiple characters if you want to come out on top. Sakurai also indicated that one good strategy for this mode is to pick fighters that you know your opponents like to use.

In addition to these modes, Sakurai also announced that there will be a Tournament mode. You can choose how many human players and CPU participants you want (up to a total of 32 players) and then the game will automatically structure a tournament bracket to accommodate those fighters.

Sakurai also touched on the Training mode, which has been updated a bit. It now features an exclusive stage with a grid background with numbers indicating distance. This makes it easy for you to see how your attacks are impacting opponents, especially in terms of knockback. You can even choose to display launch distance.

Finally, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will also feature a Classic mode. This will be a single-player experience in which you battle against a series of opponents as your favorite fighter. Each fighter has their own set path to blaze in Classic mode, so every character will face different opponents.

SourceSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct