In just a few days, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches on Nintendo Switch, and fans will have access to the largest roster in Smash history. Nintendo's including every single playable fighter from previous entries in the franchise in Ultimate, but they're not stopping there. Shortly after launch, Piranha Plant joins the roster as a free download, and in the months that follow, five paid DLC fighters are planned as well.

Nintendo hasn't yet revealed any of the DLC fighters (although they've already been decided internally), but if you believe the Nintendo Treehouse gang, they're going to be something special. JC Rodrigo, Product Marketing Manager who works with Nintendo at the Treehouse, recently sat down for an interview with Game Informer. Near the end of the conversation, he excitedly broached the topic of the DLC fighters.

"Mr. Sakurai and his team and everyone that works on the game – we love surprises. Just like Piranha Plant, we believe the DLC is going to be a must-have. For me, as a fan… oh man, I would not miss these for the world." — JC Rodrigo

Rodrigo stopped short of revealing any names, but he expects the DLC line-up to surprise fans and sees them as must-have characters for fans. Of course, it is Rodrigo's job to get excited about Nintendo products, but Nintendo has paid much attention to fan requests, and they still have all the data from the DLC fighter poll they launched for last generation's Smash.

Source: Game Informer