The man, the voice, the legend: Smooth McGroove took YouTube by storm with his incredible a capella renditions of beloved video game music, everywhere from the most cherished classics to the most recent hits. Therefore, it wasn't unexpected to see him already covering iconic Undertale themes, including the bloodpumping "Megalovania" and the bewitching "Spider Dance," among other favorites.

Those looking to purchase all of Smooth's Undertale covers in one go can now do so with the recent release of his Undertale Acapella compilation album, available now on Loudr for $9.99. No word yet exists on an iTunes or Bandcamp release.

In the meantime, check out his latest Undertale a capella cover—"Bergentrückung" and "ASGORE"—above, then give us your thoughts on the album as a whole below!

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