When the Switch launched this past March, I quickly fell in love with one of the launch titles. No, it wasn't Breath of the Wild (as anyone who really knows me would tell you, it's not even a close call). Instead, it was indie darling Snipperclips that stole my heart. A cute little multiplayer title, Snipperclips puts you in control of two characters tasked with cutting each other into various shapes to solve puzzles. The one small downside to this release was that it was a digital-only title—something a collector like me lamented. Nintendo is making my dreams come true, however, as they announced in today's Nintendo Direct that a physical title was coming, along with brand-new content!

Going as Snipperclips Plus, this update to the original game brings with it thirty new levels across two new worlds—one based on comic books and the other based on a toy box. There's also a new Blitz multiplayer mode and a new story mode allowing you to play levels as random shapes. This package will be available both digitally and at retail for a price of $29.99 starting November 10th. For those who already own the base game, the extra content will also be available for $9.99 as an upgrade.

Source: Nintendo Direct