While Nintendo has lingered behind with limited color options for their Joy-Con controllers (we have Gray, Neon Blue, Neon Red, and Neon Yellow Joy-Cons available through official channels), fans have taken matters into their own hands to suit their style. The latest example of this comes from a Reddit user who shares his work via Instagram and his own Etsy store and who posted pictures of a sweet Pikachu-inspired custom design for a pair of Joy-Cons.

Self-styled Artist / Creator / Pop Culture Enthusiast Alexander Blake shows off his creations on his Instagram account, where we can also find a pair of pastel pink and purple Joy-Cons representing Mew and Mewtwo and a red-and-blue set for Charizard and Blastoise as well.

The original post came on the Nintendo Switch subreddit, as user CallMeCaptainAmerica shared six images of the "Special Pikachu Editions" Joy-Cons which appear to be well-received by other users on the thread. You can have a closer look through the iconic Pokémon design details in the gallery below. Should you want to get your hands on a customized set of Joy-Cons yourself, the Comic Controllers Etsy store sells them and many more other made-to-order designs.

How do you like the Pikachu rendition of these Joy-Cons? Do you think Nintendo ought to release more options for customization? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: Reddit, Instagram