The Switch isn't launching for fifteen more days, though it appears that some lucky Switch fans have been receiving their consoles a bit early. A new video was released on Vidme just over half an hour ago showcasing the console's UI and setup procedures. This marks the first time we've been able to see the UI in action, and overall, I think it seems pretty nice.

NeoGAF user hiphoptherobot was able to receive a Switch early, courtesy of an "unnamed store" that decided to ship ahead of schedule. The main menu looks fairly clean and has some nice options at the bottom (like a direct tab for settings, instead of having to open an app). It sort of reminds me of the PlayStation 4 menu in a way. It's also silent, a strange choice, given previous consoles' choice to play some sort of music in the background.

One point to note is that the stock OS that comes on the Switch seems to take up a decent amount of room. Though the unit has a 32 GB hard drive, only 25.9 GB of that is free for games, with the rest going to the operating system. It could theoretically be worse, but you'll probably want to invest in an SD card pretty quickly if you want to do a lot of downloading.

What do you think of the Switch menus?

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