Gamevice, a small electronics company that sells controllers for mobile gaming, is currently suing Nintendo for allegedly violating its patents with the design of the Nintendo Switch. According to the company, the Nintendo Switch's removable controllers are too similar to a patent that they hold for detachable controllers that connect to a mobile device like a smartphone. In its lawsuit, Gamevice calls for Nintendo to pay damages to the company and to take the Switch off the market.

According to the lawsuit, the Nintendo Switch bears too many similarities to the Wikipad, a gaming-oriented accessory for Android tablets, as well as Gamevice's many smartphone controller add-ons, which were released about a year before the Switch. Example of these add-ons for both Apple and Android devices can be seen in the gallery below.

So far, neither Nintendo nor Gamevice have commented on the lawsuit. Of course, it's highly unlikely that this potential patent violation will lead to the end of the Nintendo Switch, but so far, it's difficult to know what will come from this lawsuit.

What do you guys think? Had you heard of Gamevice's products before, and do you believe that they could have influenced the Nintendo Switch's development? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Engadget

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