The Dark Souls games are so notoriously difficult that every game with a steep learning curve has been compared to them for years. "Git gud" has become the de facto mantra of many Dark Souls fans, and one elite player has truly taken that idea to heart and applied it in the most unbelievable of ways. On a recent livestream, Twitch user The_Happy_Hob managed to beat all three games back to back to back without taking a single hit.

Let's get a little background here. Back in February of 2016, The_Happy_Hob became the first player ever to beat the original Dark Souls without taking a hit. The story was so shocking that even Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki commented on it...and he didn't buy it! Miyazaki refused to believe it was possible, calling it "an elaborate rumor." Not deterred, The_Happy_Hob continued to hone his skills, and later that year he beat Dark Souls III without taking a hit.

More recently, he's been taking on a much greater challenge by attempting to beat all three games in a row without a scratch. If he takes a single hit at any point during the three game run, he has to restart everything from the very beginning. This brutal challenge has been going on for a year now, including a particularly heart-breaking run where he was struck by the final boss of Dark Souls III. When he finally succeeded, he did so in reverse order, beating Dark Souls III first and finishing with the original game.

If you're crazy enough to try this for yourself or if you're just curious about how he pulled it off, there's a Reddit FAQ that details some of the rules and strategies of the run. You can check out the Twitch footage of his soul-crushing near-win and his actual victory below.

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