All Pokémon fans know that the goal is to "catch 'em all," but one player figured that alone wasn't challenging enough. Matthew Johnson decided two years ago that he would attempt to complete the PokéDex in Pokémon X without ever collecting a single badge. Johnson didn't trade his own Pokémon over from another file or use any cheating devices, and he limited himself to accepting no more than ten Pokémon from any one person.

Speaking with Kotaku, Johnson explained how he was able to flesh out much of his Dex through the long, painstaking process of capturing common Pokémon and utilizing Wonder Trade.

"I started small, [capturing] all of the Pokémon surrounding Santalune [the starting city]. Then I started training those [captured] Pokemon, and fully researching when they all evolve, and what it takes. I got a lot of Zigzagoons, Pidgeys, and other basic area Pokémon. On rare occasions I would get a Pokémon I was hunting for for the Dex." — Matthew Johnson

This strategy only worked for so long, however, as there's a very limited amount of money available to the player early in the game, and eventually he couldn't afford Poké Balls. Johnson recalls, "I began to lose faith. I was out of money in-game, I was out of Pokeballs, and I was on my last Pokémon to wonder trade away."

Eventually, Johnson turned to the Pokémon Global Link, cashing in PokéMiles for prizes like Rare Candies, evolution stones, and Poké Balls. As his Dex came closer to completion, Johnson used outlets like r/PokemonTrades and GameStop distribution to grab powerful Pokémon and trade them for his missing entries. Two years and 837 in-game hours later, he finally completed his mission.

Source: Kotaku

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