No doubt for the better following the disastrous Rise of Lyric, the upcoming 3DS title Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice was delayed last year into 2016 to assure some level of actual quality. At the time, no release window more specific than the year was given. If you read this post's headline, though, you'll know that that has now changed—albeit due to a leak. Fire & Ice is scheduled for release this fall.

Indeed, pictures of an amusingly-labeled "Speed-Themed Video Games" poster taken at the New York Toy Fair have made their way online courtesy of outlet Idle Hands, and very clearly stated on the poster in question is a "fall 2016" release window for Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice—just in time for the new season of the Sonic Boom TV show. Hopefully a delay of this size can ensure that the new game actually functions properly.

The poster's down below in the gallery. Check it out.

Source: Idle Hands (via Sonic Stadium)

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