Over 5 million hardware PlayStation 4 units will be sold by March 2014, Sony revealed at its Tokyo Game Show keynote. The next-gen console is priced at $399, and is set to outsell its predecessor, the PlayStation 3, which sold 3.55 million units in an equivalent period of time at a [launch] price point of $599.

The forecast may seem rather audacious, and this doesn’t even take into account the fact that Sony’s upcoming machine won’t launch in Japan, its home-country, until February next year. However, the PlayStation 4 has a lot in its favor. Its closest competitor, the Xbox One, was met by heavy negative reception, and Nintendo’s Wii U, which has been out for close to a year, has yet to push past the 4 million-unit mark. Moreover, the PlayStation 4 earned a lot of positive publicity when it was announced at this year's E3 that there would be no restriction on used games.

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Source: Engadget

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