Sony recently held a corporate strategy meeting to discuss the company's plans from now until the end of the 2020 fiscal year. PlayStation 4, originally launched in 2013, continues to be the focal point of the company's gaming division, but that could be changing in the midterm future. While addressing the gathering at the strategy meeting, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera indicated that the end is approaching.

In discussing the company's projected finances, Kodera indicated that PlayStation 4 hardware revenue is going to decrease, as the aging console is "entering final phase of its life cycle." Sony expects to make up for some of these decreased profits with increases to revenue from membership services, like PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now.

We've also heard from Kotaku that Sony's next console is in development. Kodera gave no indication that PlayStation 4 will be replaced during the time period of time that this strategy meaning covers, or present day through March 31st, 2021. Kotaku's sources indicated that the next Sony console won't launch until 2020 at the earliest, but they noted that plans are still flexible at this point.

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