Well we might finally be able to put the code name Durango to rest, along with other popular naming conventions such as Xbox 720. International Business Times has stuck its proverbial head out on the chopping block by "confirming" the next Xbox will be called Xbox Infinity. It is not the first time we have heard of this name, but it is the first time a major website is going with it as confirmed information based upon their own sources.

As for the name itself... I actually like it. It's a bit refreshing over the continued number system PlayStation uses and it's certainly more unique than the Wii U. Of course, I can't help my bring forth my inner Buzz Lightyear and remind everyone that were bound to go "To Infinity... and Beyond!” If Microsoft doesn't get a deal worked out with Disney to use that tagline, I will be sorely disappointed. What are your thoughts on the name? We'll have more information on the 21st.

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